• Charcuterie

      Garnished with seasonal jams, fresh and dried fruit, Spanish almonds, olives and brioche toast

      (4 items, 6 items, 8 items)

    • Cheese

      Zingerman's Lincoln Log (Fresh rolled goat cheese), Tulip Tree (Indiana triple creme cow's milk brie), Toma (Point Reyes aged semi-firm cow's milk cheese), Bay Blue (point Reyes cow's milk, aged 90 days)

    • Meats


      $28 / $38 / $48

      Finocchiona (Tuscan style Salami), Speck (Smoked Italian prosciutto), Jamon Serrano (Spanish Ham ages 24 Months), Saucisson Rouge (Pork Salami)

    • Savory

    • Hummus



      roasted red peppers, crudité vegetables, warm pita

    • Butternut Squash Soup

      Butternut Squash Soup


      served with creme fraiche, jamon serrano, chives

      Add truffles for $5

    • Burrata



      warm Sam Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil, country toast

    • Mushrooms



      chardonnay braised, soft poached egg, brioche croutons, chives

    • Tuna Tartare

      Tuna Tartare


      capers, creme fraiche, salt & vinegar chips

    • Foie Gras Mousse

      Foie Gras Mousse


      pear liquor, strawberry jam, brioche toast

    • Caviar



      Platinum Oserta, Creme Fraiche, Chives, Brioche Toast

      Pair with Champagne for two $65

    • Fork and Knife

    • Salmon, North Atlantic

      Salmon, North Atlantic


      Sauce gribiche, lemon

    • Cornish Hen

      Cornish Hen


      Half Cornish Hen, Japonese Chili, Tzatziki, caramelized lemon

    • Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak

      Wagyu Chuck Eye Steak


      Shallot herb butter, watercress salad

    • Sweet

    • Chocolate Mousse

      Chocolate Mousse


      raspberry coulis, chopped marcona almonds

    • Creme Brûlée

      Creme Brûlée


      Vanilla bean, pomegranate, sugar in the raw

    • Blue Cheese and Brioche

      Blue Cheese and Brioche


      Point Reyes cheese serves with brioche toast points, aged toast balsamic and honey