COVID Information

To help ensure the safety of our guests and employees during these unprecedented times, we have set in place a few dining standards.

Due to a state-wide mandate, all guests are required to wear a mask when not seated at the table. If you need to use the restroom, please use the door on the left when facing our building. A mask will be required to enter the building.

All igloos are limited to a 2 hour window. Please keep this in mind as we will need ample time for payment and proper sanitation of the table and surrounding area for the next guests. We require a 30 minute window between each reservation to ensure your safety.

All staff will keep table visits to a minimum for added precaution. Please note this includes beverage and wine service, delivery of food, clearing dishes, and taking payment. We will provide a walkie talkie for each table to contact a staff member if there is any need beyond these services.

Do not touch the lights or heaters and please do not place anything on them. This is for your safety. If you are cold, we have fleece blankets for sale for $10.

Don’t forget, if you loved your wine, ask your server about taking a bottle home with you! We thank you for your patience and cooperation and appreciate your support of Corked Wine Bar!

Igloo Procedures

  1. Prior to opening each day, we open the windows and door to allow fresh air to vent through the igloo.
  2. Heaters are then turned to 72°
  3. Candles, walkie talkies, and Bluetooth speakers are turned on
  4. 15 minutes prior to guest arrival Windows are closed and door is closed to ensure a comfortable temperature for dining
  5. Direct guests to the information card on the table for any questions.
  6. Between seating quickly and diligently follow the cleaning procedure as follows:
    a. Open windows and door to ventilate
    b. Remove all table linens
    c. Spray sanitize the air
    d. Sanitize chairs, candles, speaker, walkie talkie, information card
    e. Replace table linens and reset for next guests
    f. Close windows and door
    g. Sanitize door panel and zipper pulls
  7. Igloos will be deep cleaned inside and outside after or before every shift.
  8. A 30 minute time window will be necessary in between each seating to ensure guests safety and proper time for cleaning.
  9. Masks musk be worn by all staff at all times and must be worn by guests while interacting with the staff.
  10. Complimentary hand sanitizer will be on each table for guest usage.